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Arevalo Home Partnership was established and founded in March of 2018 by Andrew Arevalo. Andrew started in real estate in the worst possible time, or so others thought, 2009. This was the best time to enter into the market because there were a lot of agents that fell by the wayside and gave Andrew an upper hand. People thought Andrew was crazy for entering into the business at that time and now he is looked at as a pioneer and fearless leader. It allowed Andrew the opportunity to learn how to “hustle and grind,” instead of handouts.

Prior to the name change, we were known as “The Ingenious Group.” One single event led us to change our name to Arevalo Home Partnership and it was when a former client told us that he would have not been able to propose if he had not partnered up with us to sell his house and use that money to fund their wedding. That helped the owner of Arevalo Home Partnership, to look at things from a different perspective. He did not realize how impactful this job was until that moment. It reminds us that we cannot do this without you and you need us to guide you too.

About a year before we decided we were ready to start looking for our first home, Andrew met with my husband and me and gave us some insight into the housing market ...
Valerie C.
I would definitely recommend Andrew Arevalo when buying or selling a home. This was not my first time selling/buying a home with Andrew. As you know, this can be suc...
Paula J.
Andrew is an amazing agent to have on your team. He will be with you every step of the way during the home-buying process. It took us a month and a half to close on ...
Sean M.
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4960 S. Lipan Dr., Englewood, Colorado

This architectural masterpiece is for sale but not for long. The property has so much to offer. Main floor primary bedroom, multi-gen living, park access, finished basement, custom gym and so much more.

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We are a real estate group currently based out of Colorado and slowly expanding into other markets.
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